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Established in 1976, Acer is an information and communication technology company dedicated to the research, design, marketing, sale and support of innovative products that enhance people’s lives. Acer’s green supply chain delivers environmentally friendly PCs, displays, projectors, servers, tablets and smartphones — tools our customers need to explore beyond limits and experience more.

Dominate and intimidate your rivals

Concrete Triangle

Triangles are universally recognized as symbols that warn people about the dangers lurking ahead. It is an attention-grabbing visual that conveys a strong message.

Our Concrete Triangle’s geometric linear elements were design to express the personality of an ultra-sleek, high-performance device.

Dynamic Layout

We used body armor as the inspiration for our designs to emphasize reliability and stability. It helps to tell a story of ferocious, unstoppable war machines that help people win on the battlefield.

The design presents an assertive, high-tech image, even from different perspectives, for creating a sharp and dynamic visual effect.

Accent Highlight

Red is the color of blood and evokes feelings of passion and danger. The color aims to heighten the game experience by stirring up emotion.

Accent Red matches perfectly with solid black, working together to bring a mysterious aura with a deadly attraction underneath.

Conquer new worlds

It’s All About the Innovation

Highlight - Visual


A Feast for the Eyes
Get clearer more vibrant colors with a host of extra features designed to enhance the appearance of images and provide a more comfortable viewing experience.

Highlight - Audio


Give Your Ears a Thrill
An unparalleled journey into extraordinary new audio dimensions with concert hall clarity and theater pumping sound from the comfort of your home computer.

Highlight - Thermal


Stay Cool, Boost Power
Increase performance and reliability with less noise with Acer’s advanced cooling technologies.

Highlight - Connection


Connect in Even More Ways
Acer ensures that you have the best types of wireless, USB and fingerprint recognition connection technologies for the greatest possible connections.

Highlight - Software


It’s About the Applications
Bundled software, give users advanced functionality to ensure that their devices are secure, up-to-date and have improved performance.

Beyond Possibility - Large

When it comes to gaming, we prefer to go to extremes. From the beastly Predator 21 X to the thin, yet powerful, Triton 700 – we remain dedicated to thinking beyond possibility.

Gamers First

For us, gamers are our first priority.
After all, it’s their passion for gaming that allowed us to give our machines form. By conducting surveys, we better understood their behaviors and needs as well as getting direct feedback.

Gamers First - Large

Creative Cooperation

We asked some gamers to tell us about their “dream” set up. Through their explanations and ideas, we set about meeting their expectations.

Creative Cooperation - Large

Insight and Opportunity

This insight, based on the collected data of gamers, gave us the opportunity to tap into what they liked most about their “dream” machines. We now had what we needed to move ahead.

Insight and Opportunity - Large

Let the Brainstorming Begin

Countless ideas came about as a result what we had learned. Our brainstorming let us down wildly different directions while we welcomed crazy and out of the box proposals. Creativity had no limits!

Let the Brainstorming Begin - Large

From the Drawing Board to Completion

We then moved on to the next step: sketching it out. In this process, we draw up innumerable designs while having to consider factors such as manufacturing, feasibility and so on, until we reach our final goal – the prototype.

From the Drawing Board - Large

Giving Ideas Form

Eventually, the ideas and insights took a shape of their own – born of the passion and ingenuity of everyone involved.

Giving Ideas Form - Large

To Each Their Own

There’s a machine for everyone out there – whether it be as a hulking paragon of performance or a bastion for portability.

To Each Their Own - Large

The Best of Both Worlds

Predator takes its passion from you, the gamer – to deliver on machines that go beyond the expected in performance, portability and more.

The Best of Both Worlds - Large

Beyond Possibility

Developing unique solutions for challenging designs is what Predator does and we can’t wait to show you what’s coming next.