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LENOVO Personal & Gaming Laptops

Your laptop is your biggest gateway to the online world and beyond (except for your smartphone, of course). And we all have different priorities:

  • Performance laptops for creators, professionals, or gamers – we’ve got powerhouses that rival what desktops deliver.
  • Ultra portable laptops for folks who are always on the go.
  • Budget laptops that give you value and performance in a single package.
  • Innovative 2-in-1’s – part laptop, part tablet, part nothing you’ve seen before – for those who want to tap the untested power of the new.

Business Laptops

Our ThinkPad laptops set the standard for business computing. Tough as nails and reliable, these laptops and 2-in-1’s keep you productive in any environment. And it gives you the tools you need – from high-end processing and graphics to cutting-edge touchscreen technology, from pen support to epic battery life, Think Pad keeps you productive and engaged wherever you are.

Gaming Laptops

Gamers don’t have to feel bound to their desktops anymore. Legion by Lenovo lets you dominate your competitors wherever you are. Are you hardcore? We’ve got you covered with laptops that boast powerful discrete graphics and overclockable CPU’s. We’ve also got budget options for casual gamers. But whatever laptop you choose will let you lose yourself in immersive audio and vivid displays.

Convertible Laptops

Ready for something different? Our groundbreaking Yoga laptops, tablets and 2-in-1’s will definitely turn heads – and you’ll find new ways to do what you love. Vibrant displays and immersive audio. Tablets that work as movie or presentation projectors . Yep. Pen support for artists and designers and a Halo Keyboard that’s seriously like nothing you’ve ever seen before. It’s all yours to explore.


Lenovo Ryzen Laptops

Lenovo IdeaPad i3 130


Lenovo Ryzen Laptops

Lenovo IdealPad i5 130


Lenovo Ryzen Laptops

Lenovo IdealPad i7 110


Lenovo Ryzen Laptops

Lenovo IdealPad Celeron 330



The AMD Ryzen™ mobile processor combines the award-winning technology powering AMD Ryzen™ CPUs with the revolutionary graphics of the Radeon™ “Vega” architecture to deliver exceptional mobile performance for every task. AMD SenseMI* processor intelligence technologies enable AMD Ryzen™ mobile processors to adapt to your needs, delivering the performance you want with astonishing efficiency enabling amazing battery life.


Powerful Processor

Designed for the ultimate in efficient computing performance, the latest AMD multi-threaded processing technology gives you blazing fast performance when you work or play.


Premium Graphics

New AMD graphics compute engines combine with the latest multimedia support to deliver fast, powerful and fluid graphics for incredible performance you’ll see.


Efficient Computing

The AMD Ryzen™ mobile processor learns, predicts and adapts to your actions, delivering optimal power and performance for compute and graphics intensive applications.

SenseMI Icons on Background

AMD SenseMI Technology*

Processor-level machine intelligence for incredible responsiveness and efficient performance enabling amazing battery life.3


Ryzen™ is Entertaining

Ready for gaming and watching

The AMD Ryzen™ Processor with Radeon™ Graphics enables smooth and playable frame rates on an ultra thin notebook in popular esports titles like League of Legends™ and Overwatch™. Plus it features efficient hardware offloading to enable hours of watching your favorite video content online.


Ryzen™ is Beautiful

Ready for the 1080P and 4K displays

The AMD Ryzen™ Processor with Radeon™ Vega Graphics supports High Dynamic Range (HDR) for the most beautiful and lifelike games and movies. Radeon™ FreeSync™ 2 technology can effortlessly combine the breathtaking realism of High Dynamic Range (HDR) images with uncompromisingly smooth gaming.


Ryzen™ is On-the-Go

Ready for everywhere

Whether you are working or playing, AMD Ryzen™ mobile processors can keep you going with incredible energy efficiency, with as little as half the power consumption of the previous generation, for amazing battery life.

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Why Lenovo in the Data Center
Achieving competitive advantage in the next-generation data center will require even greater optimization and efficiency. Lenovo can help. We leverage a deep heritage of innovation to deliver:

Reliable, flexible, and secure data center systems.
Open server, storage, networking, and system management platforms that seamlessly integrate with your environment.
Record-setting systems performance.
Purpose-driven innovation for greatest business value.

Global Reach
Different creates better
Lenovo is a technology company with global reach and expertise without boundaries. Our innovation draws upon a world of knowledge, embracing worldwide collaboration to unlock new thinking and the flexibility to help you capitalize on today’s opportunities and whatever tomorrow brings.

52,000 employees serving customers in over 160 countries
Global HQ in Raleigh, NC & Beijing, China
5 global data center manufacturing facilities
7 data center research centers worldwide

Quality & Reliability
Different builds better
Lenovo products are tested and proven to the highest standards. Designed for the most demanding applications and workloads. Engineered for always-on productivity. Lenovo Data Center leadership adds up to greater confidence and greater customer satisfaction, day after day.

#1 in x86 server customer satisfaction
#1 in x86 server reliability

Different performs better
Lenovo innovation for the data center drives advancements across your organization, unleashing business performance. Our systems are designed from the ground up for today’s mission-critical workloads, providing the performance you demand now and the flexibility you’ll need next.

121 world record performance benchmarks*
#1 on TOP500 supercomputer list
17 of top 25 research universities use Lenovo high performance computing
#1 for SAP performance

Different protects better
It’s more than a system. It’s also the security that stands behind it. Security that can help you keep your business safe and running – day after day – and keep your data protected.

Lenovo employs rigorous business processes that meet the most stringent requirements. From our BIOS and firmware design, to secure software development across the lifecycle, to control over the most transparent, auditable and secure supply chain in the industry, in everything, security is as important to us as it is to you.

Different redefines better
At Lenovo, we’re redefining economics and return on investment for the data center. We embrace an open, industry standards-based approach to easily integrate into your existing infrastructure.

Think System offerings have flexible design to scale and adapt easily to new workloads so you can extend today’s investment into the future as your needs evolve.
Think Agile solutions are pre-tested and pre-integrated for more rapid deployment getting you up and running faster, accelerating your time to value.
XClarity systems management software integrates with the tools you’re already using.

Service & Support
Different supports better
With Lenovo, you get more than a system. It’s a team committed to providing services where each interaction, at every phase of the IT lifecycle, gives you the power to innovate.

Trusted advisers help you design the right IT strategy, providing expertise to assess, plan, design and optimize your data center. We can provide the tools to monitor and manage data center assets and proactively resolve issues.

10,000 IT support specialists in 165 countries
51 contact centers
#1 in x86 server customer satisfaction

Supply Chain
Different delivers better
Lenovo data center systems are delivered through our industry-recognized, end-to-end global supply chain. That excellence infuses all we do, from how we design products to where we locate manufacturing facilities and how we build integrated systems. Our Think Agile offerings and high performance computing solutions are pre-integrated and pre-tested in our facilities and shipped ready to deploy.

Top 25 ranking in Gartner’s 2017 Supply Chain Top 25
5 global data center manufacturing facilities
Pre-integrated and pre-tested systems

Lenovo pro gaming pc & laptop

Who we are

At Lenovo, innovation isn’t just what we do, it’s part of our DNA. It doesn’t just make us who we are, it flows through everything we do—from the smartphone in your pocket and light bulbs in your smart home to the servers in your data center. And beyond.

About Us

Our story began more than three decades ago with a team of eleven engineers in China. Today, we are a diverse group of forward thinkers and innovators in more than 160 countries, constantly re-imagining technology to make the world more interesting and to solve tough global challenges.

We are dedicated to transforming our customers’ experience with technology—and how it, and they, interact with the world around us. We call this Intelligent Transformation. We are setting the stage for what’s possible with technology shaped by Augmented Intelligence, capable of enhancing and elevating human capability.

We have a proven history of results with $43B in revenue, hundreds of millions of customers, and four devices sold per second. We owe our success to having:


About Lenovo

The broadest range of connected devices, from smartphones to the data center.

About Lenovo

Unmatched efficiency, driven by our scale and end-to-end control of our supply chain.

About Lenovo

A highly adaptive multi-business strategy.

About Lenovo

A rich, inclusive culture fostered by a diverse management team.

Our Vision

At Lenovo, our vision is that we will create personal devices more people are inspired to own, a culture where more people aspire to join, and an enduring, trusted business that is well respected around the world.

This vision guides us in pursuit of our mission to become one of the world’s greatest personal technology companies. We will accomplish this through:


About Lenovo

Smart Devices

Lead in PCs and be respected for our product innovation and quality.

About Lenovo


Provide an ecosystem of smart devices, services and applications powered through the data center to help people connect to what really matters.

About Lenovo


Be recognized as one of the best, most trusted, and admired companies to work for and do business with.

Our Culture

A company where all add value, and where all belong.

Our unique We Are Lenovo culture underpins everything we do. While we were born in the East, we are now a truly global workforce. Our diversity helps us rethink, re-imagine, and reinvent faster. And our culture builds on our similarities and flourishes in the way difference makes us better.

We like to think and act differently by:


About Lenovo

Advancing workplace gender equality, earning us a top-100 listing on Working Mothers’ Best Companies.

About Lenovo

Preparing the next generation of product developers with STEM and diversity training through The Lenovo Foundation.

About Lenovo

Promoting women in STEM with the Lenovo Scholar Network and The Fran O’ Sullivan Women in Lenovo Leadership.

About Lenovo

Engaging the most varied and qualified suppliers through our Supplier Diversity program.

Our People

At Lenovo, our people share a common aspiration to be the very best. Whether serving our customers, working together as a team, or contributing to the community, we are working to build a unique company—one that delivers unparalleled products created and supported by people who represent a wealth of cultures and experiences.

Our strength lies in this diversity. And every day, on every project, we are creating a new language for inclusion and respect for others. We are dedicated to fostering an environment that encourages entrepreneurial and ownership—a workplace where people’s talents can be challenged, and their efforts recognized and rewarded.