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Stunning inside and out.

XPS products are designed to be the best, with cutting-edge technologies, exceptional build quality, unique materials and powerful features. XPS brings together the most elegant designs and premium experiences to enhance your work and personal success. This combination ultimately results in beautifully crafted products with no compromises.

Premium design:

XPS laptops are thoughtfully designed for performance and function. Every material is selected to enhance performance and every design decision made is made with purpose. XPS laptops are precision crafted from authentic materials like machined aluminum, carbon fiber, woven glass fiber and hardened Corning® Gorilla® Glass 4 for incredible durability and a superior experience.

Ultimate experience:

While XPS laptops are thin and beautifully crafted, they also provide the most uncompromised experiences for work and play. XPS laptops have all of the performance you need, packed into smaller, thinner and more innovative designs. Each XPS product has a specific customer and usage in mind and a high performance standard to meet their expectations. Every interaction with your laptop from best-in-class displays to a superior touchpad and keyboard experience are prioritized for usability excellence.


Innovation starts with XPS, where cutting-edge technologies like InfinityEdge displays and groundbreaking thermal design lead the way for the most aggressive form factors. Enabling technologies, like miniscule camera design shatter boundaries, while leadership in core technologies provide the best customer experiences.

Enjoy craftsmanship and durability for peace of mind and best-in-class interfaces at every interaction. Whatever you are doing, XPS products elevate your experience.

The XPS 13, perfected

In the spirit of always improving our XPS products, we’ve continued to refine our most popular laptop.

Our smallest webcam ever:

Our engineering teams worked for over two years to bring the miniscule 2.25mm camera to market on our most popular XPS laptop.  While the micro HD webcam is small enough to be top-mounted in the InfinityEdge display, it also uses the latest and greatest image processing technologies to ensure you’ll see smooth, crisp, and clear video in any situation.

New frost exterior and improved arctic white palm rest:

A new frost exterior brings more color choice to the XPS 13, while the arctic white woven glass fiber palm rest is a brighter, whiter white.

Latest 8th gen Intel® Core™ Processors:  

Latest and greatest Intel quad core processors deliver outstanding performance.

Dolby Vision™:

Dell CinemaColor with Dolby Vision can deliver colors never before seen on SDR PC displays. Dolby Vision content can deliver highlights that are up to 40 times brighter, and blacks that are up to 10 times darker.

Our smallest camera ever

Our engineering teams invested in advanced manufacturing technologies to produce an ultra-tiny camera, our smallest ever at 2.25mm, that could be integrated into the top bezel of the XPS 13 without compromise. This enabled us to deliver both a beautiful InfinityEdge design, and the most innovative HD laptop camera to provide a great customer experience while collaborating, streaming, and creating.


Dell is the leading PC maker when it comes to miniaturizing its integrated webcams for systems that employ narrow bezel or InfinityEdge displays. A leader in thin bezel designs, Dell recognized several years ago that we would have to push webcam technology to its limits to shrink the size of our cameras and enable the best placement (at the top center of the display), while still allowing the display bezels to shrink dramatically. Dell invested heavily in our manufacturing  process  for  these  cameras  to  produce  modules  less  than  half  the  size  of prior generations, while simultaneously increasing their quality.

4-element lens:

This lens uses more elements than typical webcams to deliver sharp video in all areas of the frame. Inferior 3-element designs suffer from blurred details in the corners, as well as color artifacts.

Active alignment:

The lens is assembled with extremely precise machinery to ensure that all points of the image are in precise focus. This is a technology typically only applied to high-end smartphones. It also helps enable the extremely small size of the camera needed to ensure both an InfinityEdge display and an optimal positioning of the camera.

Feature Overview

Advanced temporal noise reduction:  

Dell was the first PC maker to adopt an advanced type of noise reduction called temporal noise reduction, which results in significantly better video quality, especially in dim lighting conditions. In this technique, the controller on board the camera module performs  substantially  improved  reduction  of  noise  and  grain  by  analyzing  information  from multiple frames of video simultaneously. This ensures clear and high quality video even if the user is poorly lit.

Rapid heat dissipation:

The glass fiber filaments offer better thermal management than metal, so the laptop cools down fast. This increases longevity and sustained higher performance.

Long-lasting quality:

Glass is one of the strongest textile fibers, ensuring the laptop is thin, light and strong. Our design team worked tirelessly to get the details just right carefully crafted backlighting, UV-  and  stain-resistant  coating  to  prevent  yellowing  over  time  and  staining,  and  coordinated packaging and accessories.

Stunning strength:  

The XPS 13 is cut from a single block of aluminum, so it’s more durable than a machine that’s pieced together. Inspired by the aerospace industry, the carbon fiber and woven glass fiber of the palm rest allow for maximum strength and minimal weight. Corning®  Gorilla®  Glass 4 is tough, damage resistant, durable and elegant and better able to withstand damage from drops.

Fine details:

Aesthetically, less is more. So we’ve inlayed a stainless XPS logo, laser-etched the regulatory details and color-matched the feet for a sleeker look. The Dell logo is a stainless tone on tone design, inspired by changing lifestyle trends