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For us, building champions means we remember where we came from. We remember we all started in our bedrooms without money to spend and we remember gaming is fun above anything else.

We provide gear and support gamers on all levels. Great beginner products perfect for your first steps as a new gamer. After some practice years, easily slip into your big boy pants and upgrade to our talent level of products. A wider range of products with more options to choose from.

When you’ve put in the hours and your talent is fully developed, gear up one final time into our champions range and prepare to compete against the best of the best.


A gamers mouse is like a warriors sword. Nowadays the weapons of old are traded in for tools suitable for digital battlegrounds.

A versatile mouse with many buttons and options or a simplified reliable model. Our armory is filled with more options than you’ll ever need.

Start modest and upgrade as your skill also improves along the way.


The versatile companions in any match. They can be your shield, a secondary weapon or a support item all in one.

Fully customization and geared with all the options gamers demand these days, we have great keyboards for young beginners up to a mechanical version for tomorrows champions.


Don’t let anyone sneak up on you and make sure you will not miss anything in your surroundings.

Mono, stereo or 7.1 surround. Clean or engulfed in bright lights. Your headset will be as your victory crown showing no one can do what you do. There can be only one.