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Create, play, listen, relax or work with the confidence that your Volkano product will perform as you need it, when you need it.

Volkano produces a wide range of Bluetooth Speakers, Bluetooth Headphones, Sporting Accessories, Power Accessories, Computer Peripherals, Gaming Gear and Cellular Accessories. Our Ranges are always growing to include the latest trends, technologies and designs and we proudly offer a 12 Month, limited warranty on all of our products.

Get ready to explore our range of top quality consumer electronics and experience raw power, through sheer simplicity.

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Volkano's gaming side with VX GAMING - Keyboards, Mouses & Headsets

Volkano is one of the fastest growing personal electronics, audio and electronic accessory brands globally. Our range and choices are vast, from high-tech Bluetooth wireless devices, right the way through to classic essentials like cabled earphones. Volkano carries headphones, earphones, speakers, power banks, phones accessories, computer peripherals, gaming accessories and more at affordable prices.

We firmly believe that for every electronic challenge you face, there is a Volkano solution.

VX Gaming brings you affordable and stylish gaming peripherals and accessories for PC and consoles. Our range turns any gaming den into a palace, ready for your next save-the-world adventure. Designed for pros and casual gamers, the VX Gaming collection gives you the edge over your opponents every time.